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08.02.2019 16:54

London-based @katemoross is an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator, and art director whose transformative work has brought a fresh perspective to brands and artists around the world. For this week’s Friday Five, read on to see Kate’s colorful picks which are just as colorful as her creativity! Seen here, @isopresso_balloon \\\ design-milk.con


@yensa.werth I’m a CRAB 🦀 we roll with tide baby❤️

12.02.2019 03:27

Is that a teddy fresh sweater?

11.02.2019 02:17

Yes! @teddyfreshofficial

10.02.2019 08:16

Teddy fresh 👌🏼

09.02.2019 13:10

She’s an Hila Kleiner

08.02.2019 22:15

Can you make me a crab @bell.beauty.bar

08.02.2019 20:46

@teddyfreshofficial merch 👌🏻

08.02.2019 20:01

Love this❤

08.02.2019 18:43

Neat, seeing super expensive art all the time gets tiring. This is a nice change of pace, art using simple materials in new profound ways!

08.02.2019 17:32

I value your posts so much, they really resonate with me. A appreciate the time you put into them. It would be great to be in touch :)

08.02.2019 17:08

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