01.03.2019 18:49

Sometimes I wish I was a little less... Passionate! Constantly pushing my limit, working over 120 hours a week, staying up all night to learn new things, spending every morning for studying and researching ... I mean this has been my whole life. And it has been a crazy ride! . I know getting to do what you love is amazing. Growing up doing those things is blessing. However, when you were born in scarcity with endless sufferings, you are scared to believe in yourself. Your reality tells you, you can’t do things. People around you always try to prove ‘you don’t worth anything’! . After years of hustle and hard work, a little bit of success here and there... somehow boost up your confidence. You started to see things as they are. And most importantly, you started to believe in yourself. . I have seen so much in my life. I have accepted so much pain. But at this period of my life, I am just gonna go on full sports mode and chase all of my wildest dreams! . If you’re reading this, trust me, life will always throw rocks on your head, people you love most will throw hates on you and the reality bites will make your living horrible. Just don’t give up. As you know, after all the storms, we always get to see the sun. And sun is where our hope belongs. ✌🏻

New Hampshire