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The kind of scenery I thoroughly enjoy #boat #sea #northsea #lost #fisherman #england #endoftheholiday by @nicolasschuybroek - Imgtagram

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11.08.2019 11:03



04.09.2019 18:25

With you on this 👌😊

20.08.2019 21:40


20.08.2019 09:24

The enemy can come up with a million quotes but haven’t prove nothing just all talk about if this if that but the man they speak on haven’t made an effort I don’t care but a man try to stop someone from moving on well if he in love he’ll move on the right way and get married so if it’s god will for him to divorce he’ll do just that if he in a relationship then that should’ve been the first thing he did if it’s real love🤔

18.08.2019 11:35

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12.08.2019 09:23

Love it!

11.08.2019 23:09


11.08.2019 18:57

¿Paz, silencio o soledad?

11.08.2019 18:28

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11.08.2019 18:01

Definitely 🖤

11.08.2019 16:12


11.08.2019 14:54

Could be one of the «  Barque of Georges Braque » 👌

11.08.2019 14:08

Beautiful 🖤 @k_a_v_e_l_l

11.08.2019 11:46

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