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28.09.2019 19:32

22 years old today. Thanks for being patient with me. I am doing my best in order to bring you an album that will hopefully be memorable and beautiful✨🎧



04.02.2020 19:55

What’s this track called ?

30.01.2020 10:06


29.01.2020 15:23

How can I get your music? 😍

29.01.2020 10:12

😍 love your music

03.01.2020 22:57

Can't wait

16.12.2019 02:31

Great vibes dude. Luv the vid as well 👌🏻

14.12.2019 21:30

Happy late birthday!!

05.11.2019 03:59

Your music its epic man you should never stop doing it 🤟🤟🤟

23.10.2019 18:59

I love 💙🔥❤️😍💙

17.10.2019 22:32

Still waiting ... 😂❤

10.10.2019 17:16

I found you on spotify for the past couple of months and damn your music is sooo goodd af I literally listened to it like all the time, especially when I’m studying or just relaxing. And sometimes I like to play your music in the car and I feel like I’m going on a real road trip or something while watching the view outside, it can also help me to make me sleep. So Happy Birthday to you 💕 Hopefully you can create more and more better music in the future and hopefully more people will get to know your music a lot more because it’s just sooooooo beautiful that you have to listen to it 💕💕💕

04.10.2019 18:29


03.10.2019 21:07

Say hai to indonesia pleaseee

30.09.2019 15:33

I from to indonesiaa

30.09.2019 15:33

Happy birthday man! I’m always so happy with what you put out and I can’t wait for the next one👍🏻

30.09.2019 14:30

I literally listen to your music everyday before bed and when waking up

30.09.2019 13:41

Happy birthday love ❤️

30.09.2019 06:59

Beautiful 🙌 💓

30.09.2019 06:34

omgg happy birthday!!

30.09.2019 03:29

i cant believe you're one of my biggest music references yet you are only 1 year older than me, happy birthday to you boi 🔥💕

30.09.2019 03:22

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