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15.10.2019 19:54

The top of Siberia. Here you can see the Belucha Mountain range shortly before sunrise and shortly after. With 4506m the highest point of Siberia. What’s your favorite, blue hour or sunrise ?



It's great

03.11.2019 20:06

Blue hour💙

21.10.2019 17:44

대박이다 완전대박 진짜진짜 ㅜㅜ 하하 잉잉 힝

20.10.2019 15:48

Things look so bad everywhere. In this whole world, what is fair? We walk blind and we try to see. Falling behind in what could be.

19.10.2019 13:14

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19.10.2019 02:27

When I see such a beautiful pictures I think that I’m so proud to live in our beautiful country. Sunrise hour is the best 🔥❤️

18.10.2019 21:31

There's nothing quite like a strong blue dominating your pictures🔥

18.10.2019 17:50


18.10.2019 15:47

Lever de soleil

18.10.2019 09:50


17.10.2019 22:23

Unfassbar 😍

17.10.2019 13:03

schönes blau

17.10.2019 11:43

I prefer the one before the sunset. well done!

17.10.2019 09:52


17.10.2019 06:38

Beautiful! Must see place for sure 🙏🏻

17.10.2019 02:06

Nice light there on the peak💪🏾

16.10.2019 22:43


16.10.2019 21:59


16.10.2019 21:58

It feels very similar to Nicholas Roerich’s paintings

16.10.2019 20:58

Beide 😱

16.10.2019 19:18

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16.10.2019 17:28

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