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18.12.2019 01:36

I didn’t choose the abandoned boat life. The boat abandoned itself and found me.

Walton Rocks Beach


Les go love jajajaja❤️

01.01.2020 19:52

رل رل رل 😂

26.12.2019 14:00

رل میخوام

23.12.2019 21:59

21.12.2019 23:47

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18.12.2019 15:15

Ahoy there! ⛵⚓

18.12.2019 11:30


18.12.2019 03:16

Interesting find. Boats are like cats, they find you. Best of luck Greg😊 @gregt041

18.12.2019 02:59

Lol, that thing gonna get shredded

18.12.2019 02:50

So random. Someone else I know was just here and posted almost the same thing! #dejavu

18.12.2019 01:58

Gunna be interesting to see where it goes when these waves get big again next couple of days

18.12.2019 01:40

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