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10.01.2020 21:22

This is the North Shore. Where it all began for me. Five years ago, on a -10°F day in northern Minnesota overlooking Lake Superior, I snapped my first landscape photographs. I guess I didn’t really know it at the time, but those pictures changed my life. They inspired me to leave Minnesota after 23 years, to chase my creativity across the globe, and to finally pursue something greater. It’s weird to think that this place isn’t home anymore, and hasn’t been for four years, but Minnesota will always have a special place in my heart. So thankful for the time that I had there, and my family that’s supported me all these years. But now, it’s back to the PNW and on to the next journey. ・・・ . . ⚜️ Story and photos by @kylekotajarvi #captureduluth #adventure

North Shore, Minnesota


How inspiring I loved reading this 😊 Makes you want to get out there and live your best life 👏

16.01.2020 23:37

Oi tudo bem amigo como és estar é como está aí entre no WhatsApp amizade😍😍

16.01.2020 17:23


16.01.2020 16:40

@elhabashymaya انا اسفه سمحيني

15.01.2020 23:52


15.01.2020 22:55

Nossa que alto

15.01.2020 22:55

Uma viagem em algum ligar desse aí ein princesa 💖 @polianelannine13

15.01.2020 22:16


15.01.2020 13:55

feeling struck him the more forcibly. What did I

13.01.2020 08:40


12.01.2020 20:23

ىنمارى ت مازالوا وحرارة. هههتر😍😍😍😍😢👏

12.01.2020 20:23

@iamkno6 😍

12.01.2020 15:40


12.01.2020 12:19


12.01.2020 09:38

Awesome 💙💙💙❄️

11.01.2020 23:35


11.01.2020 20:37

@y.ay22 tanıdınmı beni öxele bak

11.01.2020 18:36

And it’s pictures like these that make me miss that Big Lake even more. Thanks for the great shots

11.01.2020 01:49

@amandaquinones13 this is tettegouche in winter. 😍 I have never seen it in person but the pictures are amazing.

11.01.2020 00:28


11.01.2020 00:24

cheers guys 🤙🏻

10.01.2020 22:15

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