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14.02.2020 10:11

. . The story of Machu Picchu is quite a remarkable one; it is still unknown exactly what the site was in terms of its place in Inca life. Current researchers tend to believe that Machu Picchu was a country resort for elite Incas. At any given time, there were no more than 750 people living at Machu Picchu, with far fewer than that during the rainy season. The Incas started building it around 1430AD, but it was abandoned as an official site for the Inca rulers a hundred years later at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. One thing that is clear is that it was a remarkably well hidden place, and well protected. Located far up in the mountains of Peru, visitors had to travel up long valleys littered with Inca check points and watch towers. Remarkably, the Spanish conquistadors missed the site. However, many people are said to have knowledge of the ancient city as it was referred to in some text found in the 20th century; even so, it was not until Bingham that Machu Picchu was scientifically discovered. . . ——————————————— My gallery 📸❤️ ** * * #goldenhour #golden #sunsetphotography #sunsetlovers #visitnorway #earth_shotz #travelgrams #lonelyplanet #keepitwild #nikonphotography #adobe #lightroom #explorepage #instagood #instagramers #wunder #norway2day #gopro #discovery #dronestagram #drones #jaw_dropping_shots #loves_norway #loves_landscape #longexposure #splendid_earth #awesome #awesome_hdr #ea #sunset_pics

Machu Picchu



08.04.2020 16:01

Yeaah bro that’s awesome like always mashalla 🤩🤍 good to ya 👏

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29.02.2020 18:46

كاكه بازيره كي زورجوانه به لاي منه وه به س ده تواني ئه وي نوسيوته بيكه به سوراني به ألف و بي عره بي 😍😍😍تا تيبگه م جيت گوتووه

27.02.2020 22:42

Beautiful place🙌🏻🙌🏻😍

23.02.2020 14:30

Era cheka?

15.02.2020 21:23

Agar hardukian yak rasm bunaia wide tr w jwantr abun, dastxosh👌🏻

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14.02.2020 20:49

Utrolig flott ☺️👏👌

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14.02.2020 17:56

O lugar....queria tanto poder conhecer .Quem sabe um dia😢

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14.02.2020 11:49

Beautiful view and shot 💯😍🙌👏👌👍

14.02.2020 11:32


14.02.2020 10:41

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