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22.02.2020 13:37

Deep Underground Military Base’s (D.U.M.B.S) // Top Secret ‘Unacknowledged Special Access Programs’ are responsible for siphoning trillions of unaccounted funds. This black budget garners over 25% of the National GNP to finance construction of elaborate underground installations. As early as 1940, those in power began building fortified Deep Underground Military Base’s. With no resistance, these subterranean settlements grew as large as major metropolitan cities. Each outpost outfitted with interconnecting tunnel systems created using Nuclear Powered Laser Drills continuously for 7 hours straight. High speed Magneto-Leviton trains capable of reaching Mach 2 (700mph) transported personnel, cargo and contraband. There are 130+ of these covert Bases in the United States alone; Other off world sites exist on the Moon and Mars. _ Many in the States have witnessed hearing loud implosion sounds that rattle windows and echo at an extreme radius. These disturbances are reverberations from the nuclear energy excavation tunnel expansion. This concealed transport system was used to smuggle Drugs, Weapons and Children into the trafficking trade; The Military Industrial Complex has been a strong arm for resources. The Deep State is completely aware of the impending Flash and have dedicated their efforts towards Survival. Their Evasion from crime isn’t going unnoticed; Over 144,000 Indictments and counting. Disclosure is the catalyst that forces them to retreat beneath our feet. _ Despite Mainstream Media Propaganda, the Light has won; Their way of life is crumbling before our eyes. Power is rightfully resetting in real-time. Many of these D.U.M.B.S. have been dismantled by our benevolent Allies. Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing✨ #junkdna #dumbs #deepundergroundmilitarybases #usmilitary #cabal #nazi #losalamos #area51 #dulcebase #antartica #childtrafficking #excavation #undergroundbunker #qanon #fulldisclosure #gulfofcalifornia #extraterrestrial #ufo #reverseengineering #servicetoself #deepstate #majestic12 #mysteriousbooms #usap #specialaccessprojects #topsecret #whistleblowers #solarflash #sealedindictments


On point🙏🏼 Boring maglev tunnels created by #Bechtel ⚡️ Did you hear of the China Lake facility in CA being taken out and the 10,000 marines that carried out the operation rescued 2,100 children from electrified cages? Keep lighting it up✨

27.02.2020 10:08

144,000 sealed!! It’s go time 🚀

23.02.2020 06:57


23.02.2020 00:17

Wouldn't it be crazy if a actual evil dangerous extra terrestrial escaped on the shuttle to los Alamos and escaped or something.

22.02.2020 21:45

Brilliant illumination 🙌🏽✨🔱

22.02.2020 21:20

Flat or hollowed doughnut.. they got their own version of paradise down there.. EVERYTHING.. we jus up here in their playing field.. monsters inc.. rick&morty simulation.. the island.. its rite there.. lol but dont believe evrything u c on tv 😉

22.02.2020 15:00

This is what I’ve been telling everyone as well. No need to fear anymore. They are DONE. Their insidious rule is at an end. We have won. 💡 ❤️ 🙌🌌

22.02.2020 14:39

It’s amazing how all the research I’ve personally done just as a high schooler/college student years ago has connected all of these “conspiracy theories” together. It’s all so intricately layered and interlaced. This is exciting news. Thanks for this 👌🏻👌🏻 people have dismissed theories since I’ve known about them, but soon there will be no refuting them!

22.02.2020 13:56

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