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24.02.2020 11:46

Disney // Masquerading behind childlike wonder lurks an infamous Corporation with a wicked agenda. Disney, the household name entrusted by millions of families, hides more skeletons in their closet than the Haunted Mansion; The ‘Happiest Place in the World’ is nothing more than a manufactured facade for social distortion. In 1923, Walt Disney forged an Empire with quirky cartoon characters. His most iconic creation, Mickey Mouse, was originally dubbed ‘Mortimer Mouse’ directly translating to “dead pond mouse” in French. _ Walt cultivated a very abrasive Ego with themes of Sexism, Racism and Antisemitism. The secretive ‘Club 33’ within Disneyland represented his role as a 33rd Degree Mason. While their Movies and Theme Parks continue to thrive, an occult management proceeds to uphold old values of Greed and Deception. _ Mind Control is openly practiced through direct subliminal messaging that easter-egg almost every Disney Production. This MK Ultra tactic is meant to condition the Public from an early age with adult theme addictions, purposefully bypassing their Free Will. A subconscious Trust is formed through the programming, creating a return customer no matter the product. Disney’s talent pool of incredible artists unfortunately fall into the trap of upper management deviance; There’s two sides to every coin. _ Beginning in 1955, Walt established the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ where well known Child Actors were groomed for stardom into the Film and Music Industry; many of these Children grew up with impossibly successful careers. With unsettling ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, Disney heavily involved itself in the Child Trafficking and Sex Trade; Records even show casual itinerary stops to Little St. James Island (Epstein Island). Disney’s obsession with Power knows no limits. Meanwhile, indictments are unsealing; Evil can no longer hide in the shadows✨ #junkdna #consciousness #wwg1wga #corporations #savethechildren


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24.02.2020 19:34

Bring this evil to Light.🕯️

24.02.2020 16:47

They lack benevolence for sure. Mr. Walt was sure bragged up.👊💜🕯️

24.02.2020 16:42

120 likes in 4 hours...and you were wondering if this #AscensionCliffnotes was gonna be well received 😂

24.02.2020 16:03

I had a dream that Disney was harvesting the children a few weeks ago. It’s something that’s always lived in my consciousness but in the dream, I was told I was responsible for getting these children to safety. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that but I am here now

24.02.2020 15:45


24.02.2020 15:21

I live in Orlando now. Born & raised here...after being to Disney parks countless times I can attest...I feel something very sinister there. Especially at the Magic Kingdom...

24.02.2020 14:54

Have no fear, the ascension is here 🍀 Good post, btw 👏

24.02.2020 14:47


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24.02.2020 13:15

thanks for tagging me!

24.02.2020 13:02

SO good. Being an illustrator, know way too many die hard Disney fans who defend it no matter what. They’re so blind and unable to even think of this as possible. Their toxic obsession and blind loyalty is so annoying.

24.02.2020 12:31

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