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⁠ "My 6-year old could do that"⁠ ⁠ A concentrated moment in our children's... more

21.09.2019 09:30

GENIUS! This hole 🕳 in the wall works like an old school in-house telephone.... more

20.09.2019 18:50

Just like Christmas Eve 🤩 J.L. Lund’s monumental and dramatic painting 'Pyr... more

20.09.2019 16:09

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Calling everyone in northwest Jutland! Don't miss out on our Golden Age Week at... more

20.09.2019 09:30

..longing for a cup of coffee.... #colours_of_day #worldphotos #globalshotz #col... more

19.09.2019 20:16

Winter is coming! But luckily the Park Museums got your back. Here’s The Hirsc... more

19.09.2019 18:35

Curious to know more about Vilhelm Hammershøi? From 30 September you can join u... more

19.09.2019 15:56

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The autumn sun casting long, graphical shadows in the Sculpture Street.🍂⁠... more

19.09.2019 09:30

Exhibition in the making! Here you see the German romantic painter Caspar David... more

18.09.2019 17:02

We wish we could fit these paper lamps at home. Paper lamps ala Danh Vo at SMK -... more

18.09.2019 11:10

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Last week we told you about ’Little Ida’s Flowers’ by Hans Christian Ander... more

18.09.2019 10:25

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Flesh, tissue, body, membranes, motor functions and desire 💗⁠ ⁠ A preoccu... more

16.09.2019 09:30

Dunes of Skagen 🏖 _ The Danish artist Vilhelm Kyhn is known for wonderful lan... more

15.09.2019 21:23

We welcome the Autumn skies at The Workers Museum! 🌂 @arbejdermuseet #parkmu... more

15.09.2019 11:10

Party in the Osteria _ The Danish Golden Age painter Wilhelm Marstrand is well-k... more

15.09.2019 09:09

One, two, three, four new colours 👀 Here's a sneak peak into the small galler... more

13.09.2019 13:20

Link I bio 🔜 Sæt ✖️ i kalenderen! ❗️Det er med bankende hjerter, at... more

13.09.2019 11:54

Lad dig omslutte af kosmisk lethed og elegance. Mille Kalsmose skaber yndefulde,... more

13.09.2019 10:43

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It can be quite difficult to choose between the many books in our shop 🤔⁠ ... more

13.09.2019 09:30

If you miss the collection while we’re closed you can visit our neighbors @smk... more

11.09.2019 17:07

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A sudden artful symmetry in our Golden Age exhibition.⁠ ⁠ - Louis Gurlitt, T... more

11.09.2019 09:30

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This September it's 200 years since a young Hans Christian Andersen arrived in C... more

10.09.2019 09:45

Tuesday equals work for the most of us! And maybe a museum stroll? A recommendat... more

10.09.2019 07:09

Spent the morning under the bright red banners of @arbejdermuseet_workersmuseum... more

09.09.2019 17:38

Do you believe the myth that there's a treasure of the end of the rainbow? 🌈... more

09.09.2019 17:25

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We just wanted to show you this recently digitized painting by Danish painter Eb... more

09.09.2019 09:30

The new programme is out! 🤗You can find information about this season's event... more

06.09.2019 12:53

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Meeting the goddess.⁠ ⁠ #smkmuseum #artmuseum #dkmuseum #instamuseum #museum... more

06.09.2019 09:30

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In the golden darkness of the "Danish Golden Age" exhibition. ⁠ ⁠ Looking at... more

05.09.2019 09:30

EXHIBITION OPENING: Yesterday The Natural History Museum of Denmark looked like... more

05.09.2019 08:43

05.09.2019 08:37

Vi havde besøg af #danskerbingop3 til en snak om kold krig og krigsfrygt - resu... more

04.09.2019 13:54

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Colors on a white background 💐⁠ Don't miss our Instagram photo competition... more

04.09.2019 09:30

This week it’s the last chance to see the Corner Display ”Johan Rohde. An ar... more

03.09.2019 17:44

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When you're waiting for cake to cheer you up in @kafeteriasmk.⁠ ⁠ ⁠📷 @r... more

03.09.2019 09:30

It’s time for the monthly Research Talk! This Wednesday at 2 PM our curator Ca... more

02.09.2019 11:48

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This, incidentally, was a very common pose before the invention of the smartphon... more

31.08.2019 09:30

A view through the Hammershøi gallery with a peak to P.S. Krøyer's painting 'S... more

30.08.2019 16:55

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Do you remember one week ago, when the sun shone warmly down on our SMK Fridays... more

30.08.2019 09:30

Den nye udstilling om Guldalderen på #statensmuseumforkunst er helt fantastisk!... more

29.08.2019 15:43

The museum houses more than 25,000 artist letters! ✉✒ From today you can rea... more

29.08.2019 14:57

A peek into The David Collection, where you can get lost in the house of a truly... more

29.08.2019 11:05

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There's a subtle, pink filter on the windows in the x-room. 'Shahryar Nashat: St... more

29.08.2019 09:35

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Halfway in (or out). Louise Alenius's 'Tête' has materialised on the museum sta... more

28.08.2019 09:30

I dag kom den længe ventede bog til udstillingen “So far Away” med @jacobra... more

27.08.2019 16:08

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Psst. psst. pssssssst. You, yes you in the patterned dress... ⁠ ⁠ When you'r... more

27.08.2019 09:30

Connecting past, present and future... Art and humor can do that. Adding some te... more

26.08.2019 17:34

Connecting past, present and future... Art and humor can do that. Adding some te... more

26.08.2019 14:58

Thursday this week it’s Hirschsprung LATE 👋👋 The museum will be open fro... more

26.08.2019 12:54

On a sunny Sunday like today, there's nothing that beats the backyard of The Wor... more

26.08.2019 12:19

Poverty on the Road _ H.A. Brendekilde was a Danish painter who often painted co... more

24.08.2019 22:15

smkmuseum smkmuseum



JOIN US TONIGHT!: It started with a horrendous bombing of Copenhagen and ended i... more

23.08.2019 09:35

When flowers become as art at the entrance at The David Collection. @parkmuseer... more

22.08.2019 10:03

smkmuseum smkmuseum



A golden/orange moment in the French collection with Andre Derain's wonderful 'T... more

22.08.2019 09:35

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For the briefest moment, the facade banner for the "Danish Golden Age" exhibitio... more

21.08.2019 09:30

Have you seen the summer exhibition “P.S. Krøyer and the artists’ colony in... more

20.08.2019 14:30

smkmuseum smkmuseum



Oh, inconstant color! 🎨⁠⠀ So, you thought the Danish Golden Age was all g... more

20.08.2019 10:39

We’re almost there! 👋👋 The catalogue for the upcoming exhibition ’The... more

19.08.2019 16:58

smkmuseum smkmuseum



And... she's up. Our Golden Age exhibition is quickly becoming physical reality... more

19.08.2019 09:35

⁠ Softly billowing sheets on a sandy beach? SMK is in Thy, Jutland and we’re... more

17.08.2019 09:00

Last night, at @arkenmuseum for ‘Young Danish Art - Forecasting the Future’.... more

17.08.2019 08:59

P.S. KRØYER AND THE ARTISTS' COLONY IN HORNBÆK #8 In 1891, Krøyer returned t... more

16.08.2019 12:13

It's not hard to understand why the paintings in the green room of Hirschsprung... more

16.08.2019 11:09

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60K! The mind boggles, there are 60.000 of you 🤗Surely this calls for a compe... more

16.08.2019 09:30

This Friday at 3 PM our curator Camilla Klitgaard Laursen gives an introduction... more

14.08.2019 13:20

smkmuseum smkmuseum



Really? You thought puny stairs could keep me from art? #smkmuseum #artmuseum #... more

14.08.2019 08:49

smkmuseum smkmuseum



When your (2019) baby's first-ever art experience is Vilhelm Lundstrøm's (1893-... more

13.08.2019 09:35

Beauty of Architectural Decay ✨ _ Andersen Christian Lunde was a Danish Golden... more

13.08.2019 08:19

smkmuseum smkmuseum



The famous pink piggy-wagon known to roam the museum has been spotted parked out... more

12.08.2019 09:30

Pranking Her Husband ✌️ _ Carl Jacobsen was a Danish brewer and founder of N... more

10.08.2019 08:35

Tomorrow at 12 noon you can join our last guided tour in English this summer ... more

09.08.2019 16:30

Norse Apple Keeper 🍎 _ Ydun is the Norse goddess of youth and she is the keep... more

09.08.2019 10:10

smkmuseum smkmuseum



A guard watching over his lanterns🏮⁠ ⁠ #smkmuseum #artmuseum #dkmuseum #i... more

09.08.2019 09:30

P.S. KRØYER AND THE ARTISTS’ COLONY IN HORNBÆK #7 In bad weather, P.S. Krø... more

08.08.2019 15:44

smkmuseum smkmuseum



When you're in an art museum but you'd actually prefer to be lounging in the sha... more

08.08.2019 09:30

We are so happy that thanks to your ratings the museum has won TripAdvisor’s C... more

07.08.2019 17:01

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NEW EXHIBITION OPENS 24 AUGUST:⁠ Danish Golden Age – World-class art between... more

07.08.2019 09:30

Next week the Summer Holidays are over, and we are looking so much forward to we... more

06.08.2019 14:25

Abstraction of Curved Landscapes _ Curved horizon lines and a feeling of uncerta... more

06.08.2019 11:41

smkmuseum smkmuseum



At first when you look at this portrait, it may look like any other pretty basic... more

06.08.2019 09:30

P.S. and Marie Krøyer married in 1889, and on their honeymoon they travelled to... more

05.08.2019 14:44

smkmuseum smkmuseum



When you're out in nature hanging out, and suddenly a horse drops by🐎⁠ ⁠... more

05.08.2019 12:25

3va_se 3va_se



Rock me, Jørgen. ⚡️🐆 . . . #dontkillmyvibe // #carlgustafpilo #smkmuseum... more

01.08.2019 01:47