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Celebrate 'fastelavn' with us tomorrow! 🎊 We will have piñatas, sailor tatto... more

22.02.2020 19:07

The Lifeboat is Taken through the Dunes, 1883, oil on canvas - Michael Ancher (1... more

22.02.2020 18:52

Self-Portrait, 1902, oil on canvas - Michael Ancher (1849-1927)... more

22.02.2020 10:29

The Sick Girl, 1882, oil on canvas - Michael Ancher (1849-1927)... more

21.02.2020 18:29

QUEER ZAHRTMANN 1/8 Kristian Zahrtmann’s favorite historical women figure was... more

21.02.2020 12:12

Anna Anchers real artistic experimentations was brought to light when she worked... more

21.02.2020 10:01

Edgar Degas 🙌🌸... more

20.02.2020 19:01

The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer (French: La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze An... more

20.02.2020 10:46

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the owl was associated with winter ... more

20.02.2020 09:01

💭 Edgar Degas... more

19.02.2020 15:36

A day outside the classroom can be both a fun and educational part of learning D... more

19.02.2020 12:39

If you have a beauty hanging from your stomach or not... We invite you to try yo... more

19.02.2020 11:23

La Famille (The Family), 30 September 1970, oil on canvas - Pablo Picasso (1881-... more

18.02.2020 17:42

Grande Nature morte au guéridon (Large Still Life with a Pedestal Table), 11 Ma... more

17.02.2020 17:11

Kristian Zahrtmann was an artist, educator and man about town. Three Mondays th... more

17.02.2020 12:00

Nature morte: buste, coupe et palette (Still Life: Bust, Bowl, and Palette), 3 M... more

16.02.2020 18:03

Vi har fuld gang i vinterferieaktiviteterne lørdag og søndag kl. 10-16. Bliv k... more

15.02.2020 08:27

The Situation of a Central Figure, 1966-1968, oil on canvas - Asger Jorn (1914-1... more

14.02.2020 20:20

Feu-couleur (FC 17), 1962, tempera on cardboard, mounted on blockboard - Yves Kl... more

14.02.2020 18:48

Composition, around 1972, oil on canvas - Asger Jorn (1914-1973)... more

14.02.2020 15:04

I disse dage har vi fuld gang i vinterferieaktiviteterne for store og små. Det... more

14.02.2020 08:54

By the looks of it, Cupid must have had a rough week trying to make everyone fal... more

14.02.2020 08:30

En mor med sit barn i en sollys stue (A mother with her child in a sunny room),... more

13.02.2020 18:42

Interiør med ung pige der fletter sit hår (A young girl plaiting her hair), 19... more

13.02.2020 17:16

Interiør med klematis (Interior with clematis), 1913, oil on canvas - Anna Anch... more

13.02.2020 13:58

A winter vacation treat 👀 We can actually see a blue sky today 🙌 #museetf... more

13.02.2020 13:47

Solen strejfer Politimuseet her til formiddag 🌞 Indenfor på museet er vi i f... more

13.02.2020 10:53

In a sunny hour, you'd almost think that Anna Ancher herself helped design the l... more

13.02.2020 08:30

Yesterday I had a much-needed fix of quality time and spring colours as I visite... more

13.02.2020 08:24

Last year, SMK received a major donation of works by Danish artist Ragna Braase.... more

12.02.2020 12:02

Good vibes in THE DREAM SHIP✌🌼 Hop aboard with our ocean hippie, Ingolf. E... more

12.02.2020 11:56

In only one week we'll open the doors to the small and intimate Corner Display '... more

12.02.2020 08:50

Disclaimer: we swear that the matching of dress and book were not coordinated✨... more

12.02.2020 08:30

"Deeply moving", "Thought provoking" and "Heartwarming" are just a few of the lo... more

11.02.2020 08:35

BREAKING: The museum is open today🤯 Yes, on a monday That's all. We hope to s... more

10.02.2020 08:30

Bring the children to the museum during the Winter Holidays ❄ You can explore... more

10.02.2020 08:19

We're open tomorrow from 11am - 17pm! Bring your kids for free. Join our 'Hippi... more

09.02.2020 20:31

09.02.2020 15:55

A huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you for helping us open the new specia... more

09.02.2020 08:54

07.02.2020 21:30

Here we go! The highly anticipated exhibition Anna Ancher is now open, and just... more

07.02.2020 18:37

Tør du at flygte fra fængslet i Virtual Reality? I Fængselsmuseets nye VR-opl... more

07.02.2020 13:41

⁣Played in wonderful museum Hirschprung Collection ☺🎶⠀ ⠀ Reposted fro... more

07.02.2020 08:26

벌써1주년 내가 몸이 안좋아서 에버랜드는 뒤로 미루고 야탑... more

06.02.2020 14:40

We see a bright future here 👀 🧠 Photo by Johanne Odorico Bengtsson. #muse... more

06.02.2020 09:19

Artwatching can definitely be done in the quiet of ones own company, but bringin... more

05.02.2020 08:30

Noguchi lamps of the late afternoon. #noguchi #instamuseum #dkmuseum... more

04.02.2020 15:20

The winter holidays are right around the corner!❄️⁠ And there's plenty of... more

04.02.2020 08:35

04.02.2020 07:17

It is kind of hard to comprehend, but this friday we are finally opening the new... more

03.02.2020 08:30

Can’t you wait any longer? Don’t worry we will open the doors to the museum... more

31.01.2020 09:13

CAPTION THIS: There is some perfect caption out there for this one. We just can'... more

31.01.2020 08:25

Copenhagen Fashion Week, 1960?...Or ferry passengers? 🤔 #cphfashionweek #mus... more

30.01.2020 21:21

THE KILLING OF A HORSE #onthisday: It may well be the most famous horse in moder... more

30.01.2020 08:30

Our excitement is difficult to hide these days✨ And with good reason: Just ove... more

29.01.2020 08:15

The museum houses the biggest collection of P.S. Krøyer’s artworks outside of... more

28.01.2020 15:26

It is said that art imitates life (and that life imitates art) - an idea that is... more

28.01.2020 08:10

Kicking off the week with an all-time classic motif from the museum: The Sculptu... more

27.01.2020 08:30

P.S. Krøyer, Asger Jorn, Wilhelm Freddie og Anna Ancher. Alle har de lavet kuns... more

26.01.2020 13:33

SÆRUDGAVE af SMK Fridays på SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst. Fredag den 7. febr... more

26.01.2020 10:08

So, our sailors can never resist a good challenge - like the Dolly Parton challe... more

25.01.2020 17:30

"Get you a museum that can do it all😉" - it seems all the cool museums are do... more

24.01.2020 15:14

There a loads of great ways to kick off the weekend in style, but a quick round... more

24.01.2020 08:30

From pink mist to golden sunbeams and a new horizon line by Ann Veronica Janssen... more

23.01.2020 20:34

If there's one thing we love at SMK, it's art. And recently, the wonderful artwo... more

23.01.2020 11:39

A lovely surprise! @copenhagenbykat was also invited to the preview of 'HOT PIN... more

22.01.2020 20:33